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The Youth Co-ordination Team (also known as YCT) is the body within the Charter that presides over all the activities aimed at youngsters, and it is also in charge of all the connected administrative work.

The YCT members help prepare the meetings and the workshops, generate meeting agendas and project timelines, and identify milestones. Moreover, they collect the outcomes of the meetings and help develop strong relationships with the members of the Charter and the project coordinators.

The YCT currently consists of four members (from left to right): Adria Kindzule (Kandava, Latvia), Joshua Henning (Hepstedt, Germany), Marko Jović (Tisno, Croatia) and Pontus Danbrink (Ockelbo, Sweden).


The YCT will help co-ordinate the meetings in close co-operation with the project initiators/co-ordinators, the project committee, the President of the Charter and other Charter officials.

Learn more about the YCT members here.

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