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Since 1989 small rural communities, one from each of the countries of the European Union have a bond of friendship, which is registered in the “Charter of European Rural Communities”.


From every member state of the European Union there is one rural community represented in the Charter, however in exceptional cases even former- and non-EU member states could be represented in the network.


Objectives of the Charter:

A. European integration under the motto, “People meet people”.

B. Be a structural network.

C. Organise an annual network meeting.

D. Stimulate the members to co-operate in different projects.

E. Stimulate bilateral exchanges between the members.

F. Stimulate small meetings of member communities throughout the year.

G. Get to know each other and each other’s way of life.

H. Affirmation of unity and co-operation of the member communities.

I. Enlargement of the Charter in line with the official enlargement of the EU. Former- and non-EU members could be represented in the network as well.

J. Have an efficient, accountable and transparent organisation.


Learn more about the Charter and its members here.



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